Logan: A Multi-Carry Rucksack & Messenger Bag


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Meet Logan.

Logan is a unisex old-school rolltop rucksack who can also become a messenger bag when less loaded-up.

♦  A single padded strap can be used as backpack straps or as a crossbody messenger bag strap

♦  Durable metal hardware in a rustic antiqued finish allows you to adjust the strap length easily as well as clip your strap on quickly in whichever carry you’re in the mood for

♦  Logan measures in at a roomy 14″ wide, 5″ deep and the height is adjustable going up to about 25″ – just roll or fold the top down for a shorter bag.

♦  An almost hidden zipper pocket traverses the front of the bag (between the canvas and the print)

♦  Strap closures are adjustable and when the bag is rolled or folded down into the shorter messenger height, you can snap the straps at the back of the bag so you don’t have long lengths of strap hanging down

♦  A top handle helps in grabbing Logan up quickly and getting where you need to go

♦  Logan features our gorgeous Dutch wax print fabric paired with waxed cotton canvas

♦  All of our waxed canvas is done by hand, by us, using pure, delicious beeswax with a drop of jojoba oil. No turpentine. No paraffin. No petrochemicals whatsoever. Just virtually waterproof and rugged waxed cotton.


Additional information

Weight 48 oz
Dimensions 13 × 15 × 2 in


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