Hi. I’m Deena. The designer and maker behind the bags. My interest in and passion for everything from linguistics to global health took me around the world, where I lived in 7 different countries during over a decade of whirlwind studying, working and living. The last two countries I lived before heading back to the USA were Moçambique and the Netherlands where I fell head over heels in love with wax print fabrics. The bold designs. The vibrant colors. And the fact that they’re so darned indestructible! I became fascinated with the process of how they’re made (a batik process where wax is applied as a resist and then the fabric is dipped in dye, one wax application and color at a time) and how this process guards against easy fading of the beautiful colors. On one of my trips back to Amsterdam, with my requisite suitcase full of African wax prints, a Dutch friend said “Hey! That looks like Vlisco!” and a fabric obsession began. 

So DBMM was born, not out of an idea of making bags so much as “Wow. I have hundreds of yards of this unbelievably gorgeous Vlisco fabric… What am I going to make?” I began designing and making gig bags more or less on a whim (who can resist the adorable cuteness of a soprano ukulele bag?) and now, after 5.5 years of honing my craft, I’m delighted to branch-out into versatile and swoon-worthy bags and accessories for everyone.

Having slogged through many a train station, airport and bus depot, I definitely appreciate the value of having bags that are not only gorgeous and stand out from the crowd, but also practical and functional. That messenger bag you headed out the door with may just be easier to carry as a backpack once you’ve got your hands full later in the day. So these kinds of needs are what I try to address with my bags. Most of my bags are multi-carry, meaning they convert between hip bags, crossbody, messenger, over the shoulder and backpack carries (though maybe not all five in one bag…yet!).