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Welcome to DBMM. Each creation you see here has been handcrafted by me, Deena, in beautiful Raleigh, North Carolina. If you’ve been following DBMM the past 5 years or so, you’ll notice lots of changes that go beyond our new website! As much as I’ve loved designing and handcrafting unique and vivacious gig bags for musicians, recently, I’ve felt more drawn to designing and making bags and accessories for everyone! From quirky and retro to versatile and practical, the one thing that ties all of my creations together is my absolute adoration for the vivid colors and bold designs found in Dutch wax prints. I’ve also fallen in love with waxing my own colorful cotton canvas fabrics (100% pure beeswax, cut with a few drops of all natural linseed or jojoba oil). No paraffin. No turpentine. Just good old beeswax and cotton to make a deliciously thick and rugged fabric that is durable and water resistant while also just looking cool as hell with a distressed leathery esthetic. So enjoy the new website and, even more, all of my new creations!

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