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Retro. Rakish.

I think we all love a bit of retro style. I do. At the same time, I don’t want to look like a 50’s poser. In with Hazel. She’s got that retro-style engraved and hand-stitched metal purse frame. But she’s about triple the size of the retro coin purses we’re all used to and, of course, those rakish striped beads on the clasp make her extra quirky and fun. Sticking with the theme of versatile multi-carry functionality, I’ve designed Hazel’s skinny strap to be comfortable as a crossbody, over-the-shoulder or for hip wear. With swivel hooks that easily detach, it only takes a second to clip her around your hip or change the way you’re carrying her. Card slots inside and a welt pocket on the back make her incredibly handy for a night out without taking your giant purse along. She’s foam padded so she keeps her dumpling shape and also keeps any delicate items protected. 

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