Frequently Asked Questions


Q:     Why don’t you use nylon like everyone else? 

A:  Nylon is a synthetic fabric made from plastic. While plastic and other petrochemical products are an integral part of most of our lives, we are passionate about using eco-friendly natural materials where possible. Vlisco fabrics are 100%, heavyweight cotton. We pair these gorgeous prints with hand-waxed 100% cotton canvas (waxed with 100% beeswax and natural plant oils). In 2018, we are also switching from genuine (animal) leather to all renewable, vegan cork “leather”.



Q:  How durable are your bags? 

A:  These vibrant Vlisco fabrics are all manufactured using extremely high quality, heavyweight combed cotton.  What that means is that only high quality, long-staple cotton fibers are used and they are very tightly woven (think about “high thread count” like you see when sheets are talked about).  A yard of this fabric, literally, weighs far more than the cotton that most people are used to in their t-shirts or other clothing.  Hence – ‘heavyweight’.

We also use our own concoction of several layers of textile interfacing, permanently fused to the fabric itself. This adds thickness and durability to the fabric and unbelievable structure to the bags. Where appropriate, we also use stiff inserts to toughen-up certain areas where extra stress will be applied.

This is all before we even get to the shock-absorbing, high-quality foam used in each and every gig bag.


Q:  How about water and stain resistance?

A:  Until recently, we had been offering a teflon water and stain-repellent treatment. While this was effective, we have been experimenting with waxing our Vlisco fabrics with 100% beeswax before permanently adhering them to the above-mentioned reinforcement layers. We’re happy to report that we’ve got the processed nailed so that our 2018 series gig bags and gear bags will all contain extremely water and stain resistant WAXED VLISCO fabrics, paired with super thick and durable cotton canvas and “cork” leather, both of which are also incredibly water and stain resistant. All bags will come with instructions for cleaning or touching-up the wax coating in future years.


Q:  I don’t play an instrument! Can I still get a DBMM bag?

A: We’ve had so many requests for “regular” bags that we’ll be introducing various sizes and shapes of gear bags in 2018. While these bags will have extra organizational touches that will be useful for gigging musicians, they’ll also be perfect for non-musicians too. Keep an eye out!