Frequently Asked Questions


Q:     Wow- this stuff is beautiful! But isn’t there a reason why gig bags, cases, straps and whatnot are made of nylon? 

A:  Thank you! And YES- there IS a reason! But that reason isn’t what most people think.  In a word, the majority of mass-produced nylon musical accessories that are for sale use cheap nylon.

Nylon fibers themselves, being plastic, are waterproof and people tend to (erroneously) believe that this makes nylon CLOTH durable and waterproof.  In fact, the less expensive nylon (used in most consumer good manufacturing) is relatively loosely woven (i.e.: has large spaces between the threads), making it very prone to tearing, running and fraying.  This also makes it highly permeable to water.  So while your nylon fabric itself won’t absorb water, it will, unfortunately, allow large quantities of water to pass, unimpeded, through the spaces in the weave.  As nylon is not ‘breathable’, that water will remain trapped underneath the textile layer (in the foam and lining); the last place you want water to hang out.  Cotton, on the other hand, being a natural fiber, absorbs water, causing the fibers to swell, filling up the small spaces between fibers and not allowing further encroachment (all this before speaking of the benefits of any sort of added water repellent).

And come on – do you really love the idea of clothing your instrument in a fiber that has the dubious honor of being the first fiber synthesized entirely from PETROCHEMICALS? No? Neither do we!


Q:  Whoa! You’ve blown my mind! Now I understand why my nylon stuff falls apart though it’s ‘supposed to be’ durable! But is the cotton you use really better? 

A:  As for the cotton fabrics that DBMM uses…

These vibrant Vlisco fabrics are all manufactured using extremely high quality, heavyweight combed cotton.  What that means is that only high quality, long-staple cotton fibers are used and they are very tightly woven.  A yard of this fabric, literally, weighs far more than the cotton that most people are used to in their t-shirts or other clothing.  Hence – ‘heavyweight’.

In practical terms, this tight weave combined with the textured nature of cotton fibers (as opposed to the completely smooth nature of plastic nylon fibers) means that the spaces between the cotton threads are very small and the fibers ‘grip’ onto one another.  Far less chance of tearing, fraying and of water passing through your case!

And if all that weren’t enough for you, all DBMM cases are made with several layers of textile interfacing (both woven and non-woven), some of it fused to the fabric itself, other kinds sewn to the fabric, to stabilize and beef up the inherent durability of the fabrics.

This is all before we even get to the shock-absorbing, high-quality foam!

DBMM custom cases are also treated with a water repellent to even further protect your instrument from rainstorms in a pinch! You can add this treatment to any ready-to-ship case for a small additional charge at checkout.

Does it seem like we’re a little crazy about our fabrics and other materials? That’s because we are! We figure it’s better to err on the side of over-enthusiasm and perfectionism when it comes to making such crucial gear!