Enjoy browsing our DBMM fabric choices! These are all Genuine Vlisco, 100% heavyweight, natural cotton and are the signature designer brand behind all of our creations! For ease of browsing, we've now split them into a few categories for you.

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Category 1: Vlisco Bold & Bright Wax prints

Fun fact: These are called "wax prints" because the colors themselves are NOT printed on the fabric; Wax is applied where color is NOT wanted, the fabric is dipped in the first color, the wax is removed and the wax application and dipping process is repeated for each color. Pretty awesome!

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Category 2: Vlisco Java Print and Voilà

These have a beautiful and slightly shiny finish.

Category 3: Genuine Woodin

A sister company of Vlisco: made in Ghana. The quality and beauty we've come to expect from Vlisco in gorgeous and uniquely Ghanaian designs.