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Founded by Deena (Bailarina) in 2013, DBMM was born out of Deena’s love of textiles and hand crafting.

Deena fell in love with these bold and gorgeous Dutch African fabrics while living between the Netherlands and Mozambique (southern Africa) while conducting her PhD research.

Deena is an artisan, dancer, amateur musician and researcher who has lived in 7 different countries spread across 4 continents. She’s been waiting for years to call somewhere ‘home’ and be able to fire up her sewing machine and hone her skills. She’s happy to have settled down in beautiful North Carolina, USA.

Everything you see at DBMM has been individually designed and handcrafted by Deena to bring the beauty and craftsmanship of music and of the instruments themselves into the accessories.

Help us on our quest to eradicate petrochemical fabrics from the world of music, one case at a time.