It’s me!! (In FABRIC)

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As with any new-ish venture, I’m still striving to give DBMM juuuust the right look to convey the spirit of the design and artistry behind each and every creation.  Well, it sure is nice then to have some help in that department, this time around from the amazingly talented Carol over at Mamacjt.   Carol creates these gorgeous fabric portraits of women (usually sewists) and has created ‘ME’! 

Check me out! Look at how she captured my corkscrew curly hair, my style (the big, bold earrings) and was kind enough to include my African fabrics in my shirt (Woodin, Ghana) and in the binding of the portrait itself (Vlisco, icon) not to mention my beads in the necklace.   

Look for “me” across the USA (or at least the Eastern seaboard) come next festival season as “I” will be accompanying DBMM to greet folks at my booth! 

Thanks so much, Carol!! You rock!